Leo Isolani and his Ferrari 575 GTC on Ferrari Racing Collection

FERRARI - 21 October 2011


Leo Isolani and his Ferrari 575 GTC on Ferrari Racing Collection

The prestigious Official Ferrari collection made ​​by Fabbri Editori and Gazzetta dello Sport tells the Ferrari 575 GTC history

Ferrari Racing Collection is a work conceived and created by Gazzetta dello Sport in collaboration with Fabbri Editori. In each of the 50 outputs provided a dossier dedicated to a specific Ferrari GT or Sports Prototype cars that made history of Ferrari racing cars derived from road series. Attached to each output the 1:43 die cast model, highly detailed and well made.
After Ferrari 430 GTC, FXX 599, 550 Maranello, 308 GTB protagonist of the '80s rallies, the 360 NGT and the legendary '60s 330 P4 Spider, the volume of Ferrari Racing Collection #7 on newsstands today present and tells about the Ferrari 575 GTC.
The proposed model reproduces the car of Babini/Peter/Salo/Vosse, runner-up at Spa-Francorchamps in 2004, but the file is the prominence given to the Ferrari 575 GTC victories contribution by Leo Isolani.

Before being used in Italian and European hill-climbs by Leo Isolani in fact, the Isolani Racing Team's Ferrari 575 GTC has trodden the race tracks and the scenes of the FIA GT World Championship, before being used in the Italian GT Championship.
Illustrious drivers have "tightened the wheel," as Bert Longin, Christophe Pillon, Thomas Bleiner, Antoin Gosse, Peter Kutemann and Andrea Garbagnati.
The "#2202" (serial number of Isolani Racing Team's model) is the car that marked the winning debut of Matteo Malucelli in 2004 Misano Adriatico (double win Race 1 and Race 2) and then play in the 2005 Italian GT Series with the Ferrari Challenge World Champion Lorenzo Casè and Marcello Zani.

" The Ferrari 575 GTC is destined to become a model for responsible and enthusiasts collectors " - declare Leo Isolani - " Born from an official Ferrari project to replace and collect the 550 Maranello inheritance winning, it has been characterized by a short career on the track due to the arrival of the Maserati MC12. I fell in love with "her" already at the official launch at the 2003 Frankfurt Auto Show. In 2006 we acquired one and debut at apulian Coppa Selva di Fasano.
The setup and adaptation work to the hill-climb races were long and tiring, but it has paid off and the Ferrari Racing Collection dossier on newsstands now documenting them.
In addiction to race victories with my Ferrari 575 GTC I won 2 of my 4 GT Cups in the European Hill-Climb Championship, 3 CSAI GT1 Cups and the 2011 CIVM GT Italian Champion Badge. "



A value emphasized by the low number of units produced: 12, which only 5 to 6 still active.

" Our 575 is probably the most successful model of very few still in existence. The FIA Homologation approval the Ferrari 575 GTC has another one year only of sporting life to face, but right now we are working hard to assure it a bright future (and not only ... in a museum) and a right "heir" to its level. "

You can see a preview of the #7 Ferrari Racing Collection file by this link.

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